David West

My name is David West and I am retired engineer .

I started with my camera in 2008 taking pictures of bowling matches and along the way began taking general pictures. From there I decided to improve the way I frame my shots and decided to seek out a camera club to see if I could improve further. I am now enjoying my photography so much its unbelievable.
What I have learn’t and still am learning cannot be put in words, it is so immense. It has been great meeting such a grand crowd of people with the same thoughts and ideas and who are willing to share their knowledge and help in any way.
We have such a variety of photographers from learners to people with letters at the end of there names, tutors, judges, and really good photographers. I am so proud at my age to be a member of Alsager Camera Club and do implore others to take up the membership (well worth it).
I decided to enter the club internal competitions and have had a little success with 3 highly commended pictures. These competitions are judged by outsiders to the club so they are impartial and one of my pictures helped us to win a club external competiton, so at this moment I am really pleased.
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