The talk was given by David Bibby from the Blackpool area, himself a noted photographer and hill walker.  
The talk was about a collection of Scottish mountains called  “The Munros”.   They were so named after the founder of the Scottish Mountaineering Club Sir Hugh Munro who founded the club in 1897.  To be included in the Munros a mountain must be in Scotland, and have a height of 3000 feet or higher.  Today the number of such mountains is 282 but this has varied over the years as height measuring technology has improved, some mountains being promoted to the membership by being higher than was originally thought and others being demoted as improved methods showed that hey were not high enough.
It has become the ambition of many hill walkers and climbers to climb to the summit of everyone of these mountains over the course of their climbing careers.  This was the main reason why David came to talk to us and also show many utterly stunning images which have resulted from his achieving this goal and obtaining the illustrious Munro number of 4117 meaning that he is the four thousand one hundred and seventeenth person to have climbed all the Munro peaks.
Throughout his talk he showed us fabulous images of these peaks both from a distance and also from the peaks themselves, images which revealed beyond any doubt the wild rugged splendor of these mountains and the breathtaking landscapes in which they are to be found. They may not have the size and height of the Alps or the Himalayas but in their own way the mountains of the Highlands are every bit as awe inspiring.  Also in his talk, David showed three short but very effective Audio-Visual presentations taken from images he had shot throughout his career which were accompanied by very appropriate music.  They were excellent.  A further point that made it such an entertaining evening was his delivery.  He spoke in a fluent, knowledgeable, but in no way patronising manner
which made him very easy to listen to.
The result of all this was an evening that was greatly enjoyed by all who were there.