2008-2009 Internal competition results.


Annual Award winners on 21st May 2009

Monochrome print of the year – Wainwright trophy: “Mother and Son” by Richard Redshaw

Second place:”On reflection – (Little Morton Hall)” by Richard Redshaw.

Third place:”Roman Hero” by Sandra Blackburn.

Highly commended: “Water torrent” by Muriel Dale.

Commended:”View into Portmarine” by Alan Mountford.

Colour print of the year – Les Davies trophy: “Taking a fall” by Sandra Blackburn.

Second place: “Lawton Hall” by Graham Lench.

Third place: “Asian Otter” by Jon Blackburn.

Highly commended: “Barbary Macaque” by Jon Blackburn.

Highly commended: Jodrell Bank telescope” by John Dennis

Commended: “Birdwatching” by Richard Redshaw.

Commended: “Low flying eagle” by Jon Blackburn.

Commended: “It’s hot stuff” by Ellen Hackney.

Commended: “Study in red” by Muriel Dale.

Slide of the year – Camera Club shield: “Candlelight memories” by Muriel Dale.

Second place: “Kestrel” by Sally Read.

Third place: “Triumph” by Graham Lench.

Highly Commended: “Red Boats – St Ives” by Sandra Blackburn.

Highly Commended: “Macaw parrot” by Jon Blackburn.

Commended: “Sunrise at Goyt’s Moss” by Sandra Blackburn.

Commended: “Banded Demoiselle” by Muriel Dale.

Commended: “Female kestrel” by Sandra Blackburn.

Allan Mountford 15   5   20
Muriel Dale 14 7 27 7 55
Graham Lench 10   12 10 32
Dave Chesters 10 2     12
Jon Blackburn 10 12 9 26 57
Sheila Clothier 10 9     19
Richard Redshaw 7 10 2 15 34
Sandra Blackburn 5 18 19 12 54
Julie Bailey 3   7   10
Roy Dawson 2       2
John Roberts   15     15
Alex Crawford   3   3 6
John Dennis   5 6   11
Sally Read   5 10 5 20



First Jon Blackburn 57

Second Muriel Dale 55

Third Sandra Blackburn 54

Highly Commended Richard Redshaw 34

Highly Commended Graham Lench 32


Fourth Internal Competition 16th April 2009 (Judge Jon Allanson)

First A leisurely pace Jon Blackburn
Second Water torrent Muriel Dale
Third Mother and son Richard Redshaw
First Calm before the storm Richard Redshaw
Second Squiggle Graham Lench
Third Crane Sally Read
Highly Commended The potter’s wheel Alex Crawford
Commended It’s hot stuff Ellen Hackney
Commended Low flying eagle Jon Blackburn
First Red boats, St Ives Sandra Blackburn
Second Wake up call Jon Blackburn
Third Station inspection, Consall Jon Blackburn
Highly Commended Triumph Graham Lench
Highly Commended Pelican Carrie White
Commended Sunrise at Goyt’s moss Sandra Blackburn
Commended Shades of colour, Blackpool Jon Blackburn


Third Internal Competition 5th March 2009 (Judge Frank Hutchinson)

First Cooling Off Sandra Blackburn
Second Snow and Ice Muriel Dale
Third View into Portmarine Alan Mountford
First Study in red Muriel Dale
Second Red Clover Julie Bailey
Third The life cycle of a common shieldbug Sally Read
Highly Commended Transport nightmare John Dennis
Highly Commended Jodrell Bank telescope John Dennis
Highly Commended Barbary Macaque Jon Blackburn
Commended Bird watching Richard Redshaw
Commended Graffiti noise Sandra Blackburn
First Wood grain Graham Lench
Second Banded damoiselle Muriel Dale
Third Boats for hire (St Ives) Sandra Blackburn
Highly Commended Inquisitive seal Jon Blackburn
Highly Commended Cornish fisherman Jon Blackburn
Highly Commended Kestrel Sally Read
Highly Commended Candlelight memories Muriel Dale


Second Internal Competition 5th February 2009 (Judge Bill Edwards)

First On reflection – Little Morton Hall Richard Redshaw
Second The Cobbles John Roberts
Third Roman Hero Sandra Blackburn
First Taking a fall Sandra Blackburn
Second Sixties Icon Sheila Clothier
Third What a performance John Dennis
Highly Commended Colours of the Hard Rock Cafe Alex Crawford
Highly Commended Breaking free John Roberts
Commended Vibrant Autumn Dave Chesters
Commended Transit Sheila Clothier
First A prayer for the poor Jon Blackburn
Second Orange tulip Muriel Dale
Third Five spot Burnet Sally Read
Highly Commended Female kestrel Sandra Blackburn
Highly Commended Greater Blackbacked Gull John Roberts
Commended Stepping out John Roberts
Commended Peacock butterfly Jon Blackburn


Gender Internal Competition 11th December 2008 (Judge Graham Shaw)

The results were:

Ladies: Prints 166 points, Slides 169 points TOTAL 335

Gents: Prints 161 points, Slides 147 points TOTAL 308

A resounding win for the Ladies this year. Thanks to Graham Shaw for his judging and informative comments.


First Internal competition 25th September 2008 (Judge Jack Byatt)

First Portbury Jetty Alan Mountford
Second Enigmatic Richard Redshaw
Third Happy in your work Graham Lench
First Eddy Dave Chesters
Second Asian Otter Jon Blackburn
Third Cannon’s view Alan Mountford
Highly Commended Lawton Hall Graham Lench
Highly Commended Cheeky baby monkey Julie Bailey
Commended Cheers Roy Dawson
Commended Catching up fast Muriel Dale
First Brimstone Muriel Dale
Second Ghost Rider Sheila Clothier
Third Roman Soldier Sandra Blackburn
Highly Commended Manufactured in Crewe Sheila Clothier
Highly Commended Macaw parrot Jon Blackburn
Commended Steam Organ Graham Lench
Commended Bee Orchid Muriel Dale