We were entertained by Photographer  Greg Whitton who has developed his own fifths composition portrait style for Landscapes.

His first half (40 min) was his introduction to Landscape Photography  was a walk in the  Landmannalaugar area of Iceland. He had some excellent images of the different style of the landscape during a 5 day walk.

He went on to show some his early landscapes, before his style which he showed with lots of shots in the second half.

His Portrait style uses either a Wide Angle  or Tilt and Shift Lenses to take the foreground very close to the camera and which then  takes up some one third to half of the final  image. It was an interesting technique for the club,  as we had not seen that style before.

It certainly produced some strong images and many members were well impressed.

He is also  VBlogger So we were  treated to one of his  You Tube video’s to finish his talk which illustrated the highs and lows of the weather in the hills when attempting to get strong Mountain Images.